God Particle Poem by Rajendran Muthiah

God Particle

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A God Particle has the name, Higgs Boson.
Higgs Boson gives mass to a particle.
A particle nearby acquires more mass.
The mass of a particle is the amount of matter.
Matter, unknown of the Universe is missing energy.
The energy missing or dark is 94% of the Universe.
For the Universe and its creation, Higgs Boson was the cause.
The cause of the Universe was the God Particle.
The God Particle gave mass to even dusts where there're all gods.
The gods of all the religions were born out of this particle.
But this particle is a wonderful invention.
This invention will hurt the minds of the priests.
The priests won't nod to the Big Bang Theory.
The theory may solve the universal mystery.
The untied mystery will make the priests angry.
Their angry will make them refuse the single God Particle.

This kind of style has been explained under 'Word Play' in the book, 'Creating Poetry' by the Poet, Ron Pretty.
Swetha Vanakayalapati 09 July 2012

good article.........how we set up an adorable thing to ridicule! ! ........beautiful! !

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 10 July 2012

It is not easy to change the religious fanatics, based on the invention, but the new generation, which is exposed to a lot of negative elements are at the risk. As long as we have the encounter with birth, death, diseases and old age, mankind will believe in the God, particularly at this era of pain and misery..

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David Wood 03 March 2022

The priest try snd bend evolution calling it evolutionary creationism.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 December 2017

A very informative write dear sir! ..The God Particle gave mass to even dusts where there're all gods. The gods of all the religions were born out of this particle..Thanks a lot for sharing! !

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Rajnish Manga 20 September 2015

Exceptionally impressive. Keeping aside the the treatment of the subject and the narrative on scientific lines, you have taken the final part of the poem to its logical conclusion. Thanks, Sir.

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Terry O'leary 13 July 2012

Very nice poem... informative and with a message! I like it... Terry

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 10 July 2012

The scientific point of this poem, is actually the confirmation of God particles, which makes our lightest proton many times heavier The cosmic rays which contain this particle has very high kinetic energy and we do not have these particle on earth. Where do these particles come from? Some say from the black holes, other say many other reason. but this discovery was recently confirmed by measuring of the mass of this particle, though these particles were observed and recorded since 60s Nice to read..

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