Thoughts of a Single Man

Philadelphia Rain - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I walk these streets a stranger lost in the pouring rain

no one seems to know my name

under the shelter of an awning I stand

and try to remember why I came

the lure of a real love

and the precious gift of the family unit

memories lost and gone

swept away like dusty leaves in the wind

let this hard water wash me clean of my sins

my head spins

revolving in the questions of the searching heart

and then it starts again

the thunder crash

the lighting flash

the puddle's splash

cars drive by with passengers on an unknown journey

yet my destination remains a mystery

just a single man looking for himself

in the reflection of the dirty liquid that pools on the street

I feel the sting of my aching feet

on the unyielding concrete pavement

as neon lights glow in the distance

yet I do not recognize the signs

waiting for some one to show me my way home

yet I remain a shadow on the wall

left like a littering stain

erased and drowning

in the endless depths of forsaken pain

lost in the moving crowd

I wish some one


would speak to me

just a simple greeting stated aloud

but I remain branded with the mark of a stranger

as I begin to walk once move

chilled to the bone by the cascading shiver

wondering who shall deliver me from my exile

as I fade into the merging scene of a painting

forever displayed in shades of grey

as no one seems to notice my existence

on this road of endless miles

and no one ever smiles

in the Philadelphia rain

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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