Thoughts of a Single Man

Poetic Dreams - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

Lay your head down and close those lovely eyes. Let your mind wander, as it did last night, as we dance once again of the stage of the loving mind. Gentle like the flicker in the glimmer of the candle's light. Find me once again my love and become the infinite display of what the poet forever writes.

In a dream we finally found each other

as we have walked alone along the shores of forever

seeing but fading footprints left in the sands of forgotten time

I waked alone looking for you

waiting for you

hoping that you would come to me and be mine

then last night I found you their looking abandoned and alone

as if you had lost your way

but some how you met me there

as you have been able to follow the map of my words

verses left in the intricate design of the seeking heart

and I knew that if you followed this blessed path

we could never stay apart for love shall always lead you home

and so we embraced

and I felt your warmth your body pressed close against mine

held there in a portrait painted on the canvas of eternity

suspended in the cradle of waking time

and thus we were swept away

in the beckoning waters fleeced of our golden desire

cast adrift on the seas of buoyant love

and I held you there as the moisture surrounded us

and we swam beneath its depths so vividly wet and warm

and there was no air

no fear

just the connecting thoughts shared by two

who have heard the messages left

in the yawning abyss of loves gracious intent

and we floated together until we returned to the shore

laying there in the heralded shimmer

of those who dream together and have found each other

on the endless beaches of the formerly broken hearted

we blended as one

as I tasted your sweet full lips

caressed the curve of your hips

there in the penetration that merges the physical and the mental

on the divine plane where souls mate

swaddled in the intricate fibers of passions dampened cloth

and where two know then they are never again alone or lost

for these images breed the ink that flows so sweetly from my pen

time and time again

as I know now what awaits me in slumbers land

what guides my hand

and so I awakened this morning left with the parting impression

of your kiss upon my head

there in my bed

and could almost inhale your sweet scent

the remnants of your intoxicating perfume

the fragrance that tickled my open nostrils

combined with the exuberance of the tangy textures

of your fluids and flavor

left on my ravenous tongue

I spoke your name around

and I know that vibration sent remembered tremors

that it echoed within your soul and touched your aching spirit

for some tones are only heard in the delicate decibels

reserved for the ears of the angels

and those blessed by love who may hear it

resounding on all four corners of your being

seeing what I saw

what we saw

last night and my heart lay beating

soft and still as I reached for the sword of my expression

and gripped once again the feathered quill

to send my words to you once more

marking my intent like the imprints we left on that shore

Tell me did my whispers reach your ears on the feathered mist of inception's waves of connection only found beneath the blanket of the stars that are assembled within the scripted constellations of heavenly bodies of both earth and air and written in the endless glow of our poetic dreams.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 1, 2012

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