Plan A And Plan B Poem by Prem Nizar Hameed

Plan A And Plan B

God came in my dream and informed me:
"There are two options for you now
First one is plan A and the second is plan B
Plan A is for the aged one like you at sixty four
To creep to reach your death"

I immediately intervened and requested:
"If you offer me plan A, give me strength
On any one of my hands to help it lift a blade
And cut off the veins on the other hand"

God soon disagreed with me:
"The method of death is handled by
The department of destiny;

"Ok, then what is Plan B? "

"The plan B is to climb down from sixty four
To fifty, forty five, thirty five and twenty five
And easily walk over to your death"

"But how possible to such a return journey
From sixty four to fifteen or ten? "

"I told you up to twenty five only,
then how you came to ten plus? "

"Lord, if I could reach twenty five
I shall manage to jump to that goal"

"Very smart! but where had gone such smartness
To achieve your goal in your life? "

"Leave it, dear God. Now nothing can be reversed

"My son, your body cannot be reversed
But your mind can be. That is Plan B;
The mind is the only one that can travel
Beyond times to make to and fro journeys;
So keep your mind in the mould of youth
And recover the good emotions and feelings
Which you lost already in the past."

" Dude, buddy, bro, sweety, take it easy Yaar…"
I woke up to the bucket of water poured by my friend

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