Pleasant Fragrance Poem by ANJANDEV ROY

Pleasant Fragrance

My beloved poet was sick,
He was very weak and feeble,
He was lying in his bed
With dark and gloomy eyes.
I sat beside him,
His sickness was a matter of great concern for me,
But I knew his inner realm very well,
Therefore, I reminded him sincerely
About his glorious poetic journey
And how he had won his laurels in different times.
Suddenly I noticed his sick eyes
Were sparkling with great delight,
Being very excited, he held my hands firmly and stood steadily;
What a wonderful moment it was!
I could not believe it,
But soon I realised that
My dearest bard had got a new spirit,
He seemed completely fresh and well in my impeccable eyes,
He had certainly smelt the beauty and fragrance of the pleasant poetic world this time,
That's the best medicine for an ill poet who is truly great.

Friday, May 10, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Varsha M 11 May 2019

And I agree with you completely For the best medicine to a sick person Is the reverberance of his lost hope. And the truth of this is well understood By the one who is so close And fears not what may come but do all to rejuvenate. Beautiful is your imagination to see your poet friend recover soon.

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