The Greedy Man Poem by ANJANDEV ROY

The Greedy Man

Rating: 4.8

In the dark
And silent night,
The man fell deep asleep,
He was very greedy,
After a while,
He thought in his ambitious vision,
"I need more money,
I need more jewels,
I need more comfort, "
Suddenly someone asked him
From the dark environment,
"But why don't you think that you need more knowledge? "
The covetous man became stunned.

Friday, December 4, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: greed
Me Poet Yeps Poet 04 December 2020

beautiful poemy bit modifying it permission AAAAA RRRRR give ye I ain't GREEDY In the dark and silent night, the man fell deep asleep, he was very greedy, After a while, he thought in his ambitious vision, " I need more money, jewels, comfort, " Suddenly someone asked from the dark environment, " But why don't you think that you need more knowledge " the covetous man lay stunned.

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o poet me poet yeps poet 04 December 2020

Another suggested modificashun A R beautiful In the darkest of silent night, the greedy man fell deep asleep, soon he dreamed an ambitious vision, I need more money, jewels, and comfort, suddenly someone questioned from the darkest environment, why don't you wish you need more knowledge the silly one lay stupifide stunned (MODERN POETRY NEEDS BREVITY DELETE SUPERFLUITY)

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Bernard F. Asuncion 05 December 2020

A well conveyed poem........ Truly exceptional.....5 stars*****

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Lyn Paul 04 December 2020

Knowledge. The perfect answer. Your wisdom shines in these words.

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Bharati Nayak 17 December 2020

Knowledge is the key to our happiness. A well written poem, thanks for sharing. Congratulations for being selected Poem of the Day!

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Nabakishore Dash 15 January 2024

A very good reminder for the greedy man.

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Koffi B Sossou 03 November 2023

The BRAIN is so important for the human body. That's why it is protected by the hardest bone. Let's use it. It is not a bonus.

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Susan Williams 30 January 2023

love this short story in verse form that has a very important message! thank you for sharing this, my friend

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Bri Edwards 18 October 2022

I'll take more comfort, money, knowledge, and jewels, in that order. Yes, sir! bri ;)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 January 2021

I don't know why my picture is not reflected there but I have put the comment online. I voted this poem as well.

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