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Dingy Earth

The young bard writes,
He soars high with the wings of poesy,
But soon the severe reality drags him in the dingy earth,
He cries and cries in deep pain and resentment.

Two Travellers

Two travellers had travelled a long way,
They became weary and exhausted,
At night they took shelter in an inn,
They lay in the same bed


I knew the greedy traveller very well,
He travelled throughout his life
In search of wealth and affluence,
He succeeded in his mission

I Know You

I know
You are a very talented man,
You have wanted
To achieve many important things

The Greedy Man

In the dark
And silent night,
The man fell deep asleep,
He was very greedy,

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24 October 2020

'The superior thing is not at all a matter of worry for the great artist, but the inferior thing is a matter of real concern for him, as the eminent artist always knows he has to depict the inferior as the superior.'

24 October 2020

'Sometimes I cry in extreme pain and agony, sometimes I smile in great joy and Pleasure, then at the end of the day I depict everything and find myself a successful man.'

24 October 2020

'As I see the little thing, it looks very simple, but in reality its essence is very profound.'

24 December 2020

I see the beautiful sky in amazement, but I want to see the most beautiful sky beyond it. That's why I write poetry with great energy and enthusiasm.

30 December 2020

Read something new, think something new, write something new, then this world will be yours.


M Asim Nehal 11 December 2020

Anjandev Roy, There are very poets who can write like him. I find his poem very intriguing and interesting. He is a wise and versatile poet. His passion for poetry drives him to write wonderful poems. I wish him good luck, pink health and prosperity. May you keep writing many more poems.

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Elizabeth Klewis 20 November 2020

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Vexafip Feri 12 July 2020

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Dear poet, Your poems are really nice to read, Mostly I find the Poems comes from your personnel experience.keep writing..... All the best to go ahead.

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Bulent Karaalioglu 02 March 2019

Congratulations on the election of the day

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Prabir Gayen 16 February 2019

Anjandev Roy....a very talented indiIn poet...I like his poem.

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Prabir Gayen 16 February 2019

VwVe beautiful and talented Indian poet...

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debasis hazra, barkona 23 October 2018


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