Poetic Journalism Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Poetic Journalism

Poetic journalism talk I, discuss I,
How poetry can be used as journalism or journalistic purposes, Stating about and sharing with the readers in the form of opinion, Review, statement, theory, politics or sociology?
A poem is an essay, a paragraph, a prose-piece,
A biography, an autobiography,
A play, a text and a testament of criticism.

Poetic journalism talk I, discuss I, have I turned to
In this age of Intrenet accessibility
As I can post, upload and download easily
Without spending anything else,
Suitable or unsuitable,
Readable or unreadable
And the poems are on the websites.

As poetry is my faculty and forum to be explored
So use I it as my platform,
Letting out my unexpressed and suppressed thoughts and ideas
Which the Indian critics have tried to crush them
Through favouritism and nepotism,
Letting me not explore the possibilities
And good avenues.

A poem to me is an opinion, a review, a photograph,
A thought, an idea, a reflection, an image, a whim,
A craze, a propaganda piece, a boost-up, a push-forward,
A poem a piece of biography or autobiography,
Containing the tidbits,
A poem a description of the art and artifact,
Art and architecture and sculpture.

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: art
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