suchi banerjee

Possessed - Poem by suchi banerjee

I'm so tired, i cannot dance anymore;
Now that i cannot go on,
I just want to walk out of the door.

Go away..........just go i say.
You are selfish, you're cruel,
All you do is darken my day!

What am i? I'm just your puppet!
But was it this way
When we had just met?

Dear, don't you love me, don't you love me anymore?
What happened to those dreams,
Dreams where we'd together soar?

Stop using me, stop using me so!
I ain't no commodity...
Oh goodness....when did i go so low?

I'll go away, away I'll go I'm telling you,
But would there be anything,
Anything that you could do?

What is it that keeps me back?
Though each day is as painful
As being punished upon the rack!

I think it is magic
Dark dark magic it is;
So wherever you are, you can always have your pick.

Hence, let me go, just let go of me,
Undo this magic,
You're driving me mad, can't you see?

I know i love you, i love you so much,
But please undo this magic,
This magic of you're touch!

Trust me, together we cannot be
But damn damn, you're a puppeteer;
You shall never set me free!

I'm so tired i cannot dance anymore
Now that i cannot go on....
Why won't you just let me walk out of the door?

Your mind is my playground, my very own playground,
You, my intoxicant, to me-
-You shall forever be bound!

Yes I'm your puppeteer,
Your very own own own....
You can never go silly girl and you won't even try my dear!

Come i say, come to me my dear,
there's magic in these arms;
You simply cannot help being near.

Of course i love you, i love you, i love you!
Can't you see that these days
That's all i seem to do?

We shall soar so high, so high, so high...
And I'll continue to hold your hand
Until the day we die.

I'm sorry i cannot let you be, together we shall have to be,
Hence it is impossible,
That i shall ever set you free.

'Use you'? No, it is 'need' dire need-
As without you my dear,
I simply cannot feed!

Tired you may be, but your freedom is impossible
For without you, my love,
I will pine and dwindle!

You anyway don't want to go
So stop whining i say,
And stop treating me like a foe!

Whichever way i say, you shall dance, dance and dance;
Now stop fighting, oh will you?
You think you stand a chance?

Come to me and forget the rest,
Now that you're caught in my net,
Convince yourself that this is for the best.

Together we shall forever be, and your company will make my days.
You will want for nothing
Because i shall be with you every night and every day.

Your mind is my playground, my very own playground,
So let me play my dear-
So that we shall forever be bound!

Topic(s) of this poem: parallelismus, psychological

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 29, 2013

Poem Edited: Saturday, September 5, 2015

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