Post Breakup Poem by Suraj Samtani

Post Breakup

Yes, it has been a while. &

I thought this issue would have been like a closed file.

To my surprise, though, I found,

Your memories still continue to pound.

Forgetting you now is like climbing Mount Everest, &

Without you now, I've lost all my inner zest.

Our breakup was a mistake that cannot be forgiven,

But our relationship seems to be shunned by even those in Heaven.

I thought you understood me well enough,

But you were so bogged down in your own stuff.

I perceived you to acknowledge the unsaid,

But you were too shallow to even understand what was said!

How we became so close is still a wonder, &

To trust you so much was my biggest blunder.

You seemed so innocent & playful.

I seemed too cute & loyal.

Though these first impressions cannot be eluded.

From now I aim to keep my heart more secluded.

Our match was not to be, &

From this engulfing trap we've now set ourselves free.

One breakup is already too deterring, &

Now giving this heart to another still seems too threatening.

Seeing you in the arms of another won't be disheartening,

To return you space and freedom, it is your leave that I am forever seeking.

You could not satisfy whatever I would grant,

To forget you forever, I will now undergo a heart transplant.

Joseph Poewhit 13 January 2009

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