Ray Quesada

Power Is High (And Power Is Hungry) - Poem by Ray Quesada

America is High - The man
who changes your oil is high.
The priest is drunk -
The teacher; the mother;
the father; -is high.
Marijuana, crack, dope,
- flows into the streets.

When the wind blows
the rain in your face,
and you pass strangers
as you shield yourself with your arm...
-all those strangers
you pay no attention to…
80% of them are either high
or want to BE high.

They're on their way to GET high,
or to get someone ELSE high...
or they're going to work
so they can have
green pieces of paper
to trade for food...
and to get high.

The man with no home, sleeping
by the dumpster in the night,
the moon, his night-light protecting him
from monsters – He's high.
The high gave his mind
more shelter than his
home did.

What we need
shelter from,
more than the fire,
wind, the falling rocks and rain,
is shelter from sadness,
shelter from our wicked pasts,
shelter from the reality
that this world isn't the way
you thought it was as a child.

Shelter and escape is needed from the mundane.
This is why we seek to escape ourselves,
and why we need the next distraction constantly.
Deep down we know we are only half as great
as we think we are.

We seek to escape
- To hide
from our lives, I'm certain,
behind a curtain
or, behind Superman's cape.

We seek every hour
in the shower -
Every day
when we play -
We seek, we seek! !
every week, every week!
to escape
because we are weak.

America is weak-minded, screaming,
'Look how big, and tall, and badass,
and tough, and Alpha, and Elite,
and strong, and perfect I am! ! ! '
- -America, so old, never seems to grow up.
Large, old bodies, with tiny,
little 4-year-old minds trapped inside... - -

Entrepreneur, bourgeois Badass –
So high... on his/her own ego, if nothing else! ! !
'Eros is a powerfully destructive force! ...'
said Daniel Robinson in a lecture on Nietzsche-

America is high on Steroids,
on Anger and Pride, pumped up
for the Big Game...
and Coach has lined the ref's pockets
so he'll look the other way (in shame)
So America can cheat.
So 'Progress' can Defeat-
So Power can Eat-
So Business can Exploit
children in Indonesia
with no shoes on their feet -

The kids with no shoes
are crying the sweatshop blues.

The kids
with no shoes
are crying the sweatshop blues.

kids with no shoes
are crying
the sweatshop

- -A 6-year-old made your 12-year-old's dress.
But, America, will never confess.
America is HIGH, and self-righteous.
flying around the world, set course,
with zero remorse
on a giant,9-cocked horse
named Eros.

Progress is High.

Business is High.

Power is High.

Control is High.

Organization is High.

Domination is High.

America...is High.

- September 30th,2010 -

Comments about Power Is High (And Power Is Hungry) by Ray Quesada

  • (4/22/2013 8:32:00 AM)

    This is a very powerful commentary on the state of your nation, but it is also a plea to your people to rid themselves of these abuses of power and to act as true neighbors. I salute your courage. (Report) Reply

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  • (4/17/2013 2:02:00 PM)

    Fine, thank you- Well now-shades of Rimbaud.I believe he got high on absinthe.This is one powerful write with much truth entailed within. Potent stuff here (Report) Reply

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