Praise Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal


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Why do you hold me in high esteem and praise?
Make me to feel great with status raised
I am overwhelmed by your noble gesture
As you always wished me for bright future

I was no where near respectable mark or level
You encouraged me to work had and excel
Filled with high spirit, motivation and enthusiasm
Inspired me rise beyond certain level and “ism”

I was confined to zero energy and confined
You infused me with optimism and refined
How to express gratitude and acknowledge?
I am novice and have no such knowledge

Will you pardon me for being so negative?
Lukewarm to response and not so sensitive
I must learn quite a lot from you and oblige
I feel shy to open up but have nothing to hide

Is it not the tendency of human being to deceive?
No return of thanks when applauses receive
We might have scaled new height and glory
Still we may forget the past as simple story

If we learn to repay good gesture with gratitude
People will learn to respect with different attitude
This is what is expected from new generation
They should rise above all without any expectation

It may look as simple form of advice
It should not be considered as mechanical device
Time may change but not the essence and spirit
You may need oil for lamps to lit

We shall not last to see it either
Storm may come and soon to wither
Life has to stabilize and prove the best
It must face stand firm and stand to test

Louis Rams 25 October 2009

praise must be earned and not just given, this is part of what we call living. goood write a ten

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left alone and forgotten 25 October 2009

Wow, Amazing Job! ! Even Thio I See Things Differently 110% No Reason To Care

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Lady Grace 25 October 2009

this is my second attempt to commnt..i want to appreciate the theme of this piece, , so nice and all ages can relate to this...RESPECT comes as the first step of all levels, it should be understood and it should be appreciated..the contents contain nice words of appraciation...this will go to my fav...if there's such word excellent than superb, that's the word i want to use for this doesn't express only a nice idea but it touches ones heart..for me, this is a very very nice piece dear..lavs this...smileeeeeeeeee....kisssesssssssssss

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

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