Prayer & Fasting Poem by Luke Easter

Prayer & Fasting

Fasting is not what you wanted to hear me say,
However, sometimes it is the only way,
One person’s treasure is another’s trash,
They didn’t need to but you’ll have to fast.

Remember the potter and the clay?
The disciples asking Jesus the correct way?
Yes, you want the Lord to be in control,
It might take a sacrifice to let Him know.

Just because your brethren asked and received,
And with all your heart you really do believe,
Does not mean you won’t have to go that extra mile,
Not everyone named Moses gets to part the Nile.

This is the test that’s very sour and not sweet,
Ask me to do anything except not to eat?
It’s God’s will if He wants you to exhibit more,
That’s why you keep knocking but no one opens the door.

So what type of fasting should I do?
Make sure when it's done your heart is true,
The bible has examples there really are many,
A water or fruit fast and denying meat might be plenty.

You'll want to cut out whatever is considered a treat,
Remember, only what’s natural and healthy to eat,
This is not a contest with others that’s meant to compete,
Avoid doing anything that will knock you off your feet.

Of course your health has an important part to play,
Don’t go without food if with medicine you need to take,
On the other hand you don’t need a three-course meal,
If only a glass of water is required for that pill.

Sincerely seek the correct answer through faith,
Unless it is forever you are willing to wait,
Not everyone gets to travel through life first class,
Some will have to buy a ticket (Isaiah 58) that requires a fast.

However, this will only get you there halfway,
You’ll still have to get on your knees and pray,
Not just from the heart cause the image is in your head,
Receiving a lot more from it when the bible is also read.

Sugar 09 May 2021

Good poem very educational

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Suleiman 26 May 2018

very interested poem

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Luke Easter

Luke Easter

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