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President Obama Discusses Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath: - Poem by Luke Easter

President Obama, “Trayvon Martin could have been me, ”
Your wife and daughters could have been the Army PFC,
LaVena Lynn Johnson vs. Trayvon Martin can’t compare,
She was under the protection of the U.S. Army over there.

While Trayvon was in Florida LaVena was on duty in Iraq,
She did not throw the first punch but she was fighting back,
Martin did not know Zimmerman whereas LaVena knew,
Her attacker(s) as all the evidence provided a clear view.

She was savagely beaten and brutally violated there's no doubt,
Murdered 8 years ago today,7/19/05, DOJ can’t figure it out,
While this same DOJ is being called on to investigate and see,
If Civil Rights Violations occurred but not for the Army PFC?

Now the Jury has spoken, any blame lies not with the defense,
Prosecutors conducted a trial legal experts say made no sense,
American citizens are racially divided amidst he said, she said,
Where is support for LaVena as both victims ended up dead?

It’s a popular commercial called, “I’ve got your 6” yeah right,
As not one arm of the United States Military has put up a fight,
For a soldier serving her country assaulted in the dead of night,
Tens of thousands support Martin claiming Black Civil Rights.

Stevie Wonder said he will no longer perform in Florida, okay,
Venice Boluevard & Crenshaw, July 12 another life taken away,
2 Black gunmen shot unarmed Dejon Ward,12: 45 P.M. Friday,
No comment from Wonder but will he also not perform in L.A.?

The only crime by this 21 year old college student? He got lost,
Wherefore, he pulled over in a like color area, look what it cost,
Not a gated community, predominantly white, but other Blacks,
Innocently sitting in his car, seat belt on, an unprovoked attack

Question: Why does the killing of Blacks raise eyebrows only when,
Others are responsible, while stats prove Blacks do it again & again,
President Obama, Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are way out of line,
Be involved in every senseless murder and not just Trayvon this time.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, July 19, 2013

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