Presence Poem by Troy Cochran


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It's the moment point that holds the magic.

Not the backward glance
with the hidden blade of a dull regret.

Nor yet the whirling dervish of a tossed hatchet,
the crazy acrobat, the mis-step
of over-aiming your target

(... the looking right, ... the looking left, ...
the disbelief! ... the exit! ...)

I like to keep my canvas always white
painting only with a focus.

I like to line my stars up right.
If it doesn't wink, that's not my problem.
I flick it from my cosmic.

I am the Sheriff around these parts
and what I say has some importance

... to me, at least; to you, a joke.

It takes a little practice; and, perhaps,
one too many smokes

To flow the power down your sleeve
and start your day out with a poke.



Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humor,magic,metaphysical,moments,present
Kumarmani Mahakul 03 October 2017

Lining status upright is wise ever to paint truth in flicker of canvas. You like to start up right is nice ever. Moment of point holds the magic of time. Taking a little practice to remove smokes is wise to capture wisdom of light. This metaphysically presented humorous poem is really mystic. An amazing poem is very well drafted and shared.10

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Troy Cochran 05 October 2017

I have been an admirer of Hafiz, the 14th century Persian poet and mystic, for quite a few years now. I have a poem called 'On Wanting To Be Like Hafiz' that I will publish here on PoemHumter for you some day soon. It's partially from him that I learned the use of humor to express things of a more serious metaphysical nature. (It also helps to keep one from getting into too much trouble with people of more settled opinions. But not always....) Thanks for commenting. Very insightful words, as ever. :)

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