David Knox

Prophetic Medic

Ashes flying everywhere
A swirl of dust
The leaves fly to and fro completely lost in the torrent of wind
A coldness is shattered by flames of royalty
A stillness is brought to the storm
The ashes are a scene of victory
The army returns with banners


It's presently the present
Reality returns as the visions melt away
The future isn't set, but the knowledge is meant to stay
The fact that what may happen is known; that help will be sent-
Hope courses through your veins
It's a statement that is beyond words, even word after word
We can unpack it with our thoughts and be heard
But yet something is missing from the original revelation
Something hidden in the anointing
It's important for these things to be made known to an entire nation
Yet it's also personal, freedom reigns- there's no disappointing
A God who is full of love and grace
A God who never hides His face


I hear thoughts from own mind
They emanate from my heart and emotions
They're a compilation of experiences and what I'm going through
And yet it is God
I know that I know that I know it's from Him
I know the voice of my Dad.
I have heard the sound.
I recognize His character.
Why does it feel like it's from me
This is super-natural
But it's also me


Angelic voices join in a chorus
It's not English, it might not even be a language
reminiscent of the orchestra of a forest
I know what every words means
It's a reality connected to ours and bursting forth at the seams
A crash of thunder and the symphony begins to vanquish
It's actually music that holds power
Armies of darkness shrink back seared by holiness
It's the blessing given to us in this hour


There's a burden to help
I have a desire to heal
I will be there because there has been made known to me
I see what will so I can see what is and what has been
The foresight brings blind eyes sight
The intimacy of information moves hearts
The rush of the super-natural collides with our world
The mind rears in pain with overwhelm, but heart cries out
Groans of healing
Shouts of joy
Songs of praise
Ecstasy of healings and prayers answered
This life I live
The life I lead is marked by these things
Is meant to be marked by these things
So I will go
I will do
When I hear I will leave
When I do not hear I will trust
I can see it's all a body; we're a body
As for me I will obey and I will break down the strongholds
I will tear down principalities
And do not let me tarry there
Do not let the throne stay empty
Replace the lies with truth
Change the present to shape the future
Not every word comes to pass
but EVERY word changes what will come to pass
Now I see it because I know it by experience
I cannot deny who I am
I am the eyes

Topic(s) of this poem: friendship

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a poem I'm writing for a friend for their birthday. It's about seeing visions of the future from God. About hearing words of knowledge about people's past or emotions or even future. A look into the eyes of the prophet, even though it's meant to be spoken from the perspective of my friend rather than myself the author. #2015

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