**prophets And Predictions** Poem by Louie Levy

**prophets And Predictions**

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Prophets and Predictions

I've concluded that there may be to Voodoo and
fortune telling, as there are to scriptured predictions -
can lead to poverty and ignorance of belief
and will result in self destruction.
It seems, after viewing the TV history channel
that; each and every prophet portrayed had their
perspiring quotes from their god, of the catastrophe
befallen sinners and violators of all fathered divinity.

All were described as 'Master' oriented and never
included themselves as to what will befallen to others
Such as, The wrath of God will be upon ALL of you,
never saying, 'US.' My guessing that they were all
without sin, best they should have read about the
'stone' throwing tale, or were they on a specially,
favored list being sinless messengers, and all?
Here's how i scoop poop it from where it all started
in the streets and surrounding temples. Imagine
if they had the radio, tv or the evils of the internet
to popup 'n gander and have you pissed about?

Prophets self appoint and preach loudly and with
great conviction, predictions that they say are from
'god' and because of 'Your' (never 'our') , disobedience,
this and that horror will burn your temples and 'KILL' you
on such and where, a time. 'IF'...you don't obey 'ME'
Revolutions of religious doctrines have existed since MAN
had written the scriptures believed to have been
divinely inspired. I believe that prophets were the intimidating
activists' of their time. Cleverly subversive and
saintly masked well for their self appointed role-play.

Think about when predictions came about?
Hundreds and thousands of years in the past.
The plan predisposed and penetrating in the gullible minds
of preachers, god fearers and fascist, religious breeders,
Many, many years pass, the prophet now dead, his writing
indelibly written, the plan spelled out. His evil legacy will
get him medallion'd by HIS god at the pearly gates turned
crimson red....

The roll players, having rehearsed the 'wholly' edited script
prepares and attacks without mercy or respect for the innocent
and obedient. Enemies clash and war is inevitably as scriptured
for conquering. In the name of their lord.
'We must make HIS predictions the horrific contemporary reality'
Less we cease to be driven to war and murder,
obeying scripts written during similar religious controversy
Man, beastly and aggressive, train, lead, their male youth to war
and find justification for the murder of all innocents.

Tomorrow's TV topic my be of the holy grail.
Would it have been half full of doomed sinners
or half empty of yet to be, more predicted prophets?
Possibly an association can be
the 'Voting' ballot box and why it happens
that the destiny of all life, be in the hands of
a fractional minority. Best all youth be aware;

Prophet, profiteer, and activist
All are one and the same.
Mastered divine voice
Selling faith for attendance
Barding for heaven or go to hell
With that kinda close for sale

The choice be ever war as predicted nor
the solution for peace be controversly conceived.

Louie Levy


Prophet, profiteer, and activist All are one and the same. Mastered divine voice Selling faith for attendance Barding for heaven or go to hell With that kinda close for sale............Yes mastered the art in creating the world to believe in faith.yes everything for sale here. nice one i liked the idea....10

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What..........r u a bout that's serios and not serious?

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Gregory Pierre-jerome 30 June 2010

what.........r u serios

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