Louie Levy Poems

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A Black Rose

One Black Rose -

among roses, colorfully void of black,
liken any other yet immortally fragrant

* A New World Melody *

I write the poems that -

the whole world read
I write words that just

*america - *

-for pilgrim sake,
and land once, of 'Native' soil
Allegiance pledged, of
conquest gained, from

** Amour Toujour Amour *

Emotion, Devotion and Interpretation -

hardly easy to define, yet why 'Life'
becomes of another meaning, feeling.

[war For Re-War-Ds & Profit Sneering]

Semantics say much of what humans have created for communication with themselves and others. They only need to dissect and de-vowel, apply given nouns to their chosen adjectives. Some making more sense than when construed to define innocent verbiage of denial and with encoded killing purpose of intent.

Acceleration makes haste where risk is taken to achieve wasteful goals that reach far beyond the muscle and brawn of evolved human male ability. Life is often said to be short and so we've created many means to live it in the proverbial fast lane, crashing into all others who get in their, each other's way.

*-* She With He -

MEN - only we are part of
sHE - only we are part of

*a Profound Wisdom Shared*

We've many Mentors whom have shared their wisdom with us all.
Least of which we knowledge and nourish for the better of all
Life and Earth.

**prophets And Predictions**

Prophets and Predictions

I've concluded that there may be to Voodoo and
fortune telling, as there are to scriptured predictions -

* A Prosody, Prose And; Theme Un-Silenced

* A Prosody, Prose and;
Theme Un-silenced

* Defiance

Defiance of Mind

The count goes on, as a matter of time
It's significance, a mere state of mind

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