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im quite natural.......

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Don'T Cry, Little Child..

Why you crying, O' my little child
Rose bloomed is yours, sure not wild
Sparrows chirping lovely, is for you
Stars twinkling for you, is not new.


Stars, shining in the sky....
Candles lit in the houses
Of the angels up above high
Giving hope to our senses.

Swimming Fish

Clear glass like water
In it the swimming fish
Like the ideas........
Sometimes, it shows its beauty

Life After Death

What is life after death?
Is a miracle for every one
Some believes to go to hearth
If devilish act has done.

Farewell To December

Of the last among the twelve
Is the December, a mermaid
When our memories starts to delve
Of her beauty before a fade.

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Wahab Abdul 14 February 2012

A quotable quote of binish ''So, stop crying, child, O' my love And start smiling at Mom, my lost love''

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Ramesh Rai 02 January 2012

really nice imagination. our life is also like a swimming fish. wish you a happy new year

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