Queen Mum

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Past this way she came and went,
Her bodily remains to crypt were sent,
But the memory of her and the earth she trod.
Remains with us by grace of God.

Cervantes wrote of his Don's success,
As did Butler with his Hudibras.
Another hundred years or so,
Did Dodgson, his Alice, to us bestow.

But none could write whimsy of life and style,
To equal this Royal Queen, who did beguile.
She touched the lives of all Earth's men,
As she lived past, present and future to the end.

A glass of wine to quench her thirst
Put her in mood to reign at first.
With passing time, she gave up the crown
But not her lust for Dubonnet. It was renown.

She called down to the pair
Of 'other' queens that caused her despair,
'I know not, and care not what you do
But this 'Old' queen needs her bit of brew.'

Other luxuries were torn away
From the Royal Family in their passing day.
But the Queen retained her heart felt passion
For proper protocol, in her most regal, royal fashion.

Some say that it was Hers, the draft overdrawn
By four million; of course, guaranteed by th' crown.
‘Twas necessary they say for her to maintain the style
Of a living, Royal Queen who stayed on for quite a while

Progress in the eyes of this Madam of five houses,
Was to sleep in bedding with no fear of louses (or lice if you prefer) .
Embracing that which was new and all
She saw no reason for withdrawal.

A Train just for her pleasure seemed necessar'
To transport this living - National Treasure.
And means for conveyance in the air?
Certainly why not a helicopter here and there.

Her response to how she lived and played
Reminds us that others have in this house, stayed.
She said when questioned: 'That chopper has changed my life
As conclusively as that of Anne Boleyn.' Henry's 'other' wife.

She may be gone but don't despair
Her life touched all with heart-felt care.
Her memory lives, as she did to
Filled to the brim, her glass slipper shoe!


I think you have pictured her to perfection Sidi, a character who will always grace History and give it that Royal 'punch'. Delightful write, a delightful read, about a delightful Lady. Well done indeed and thank you for pointing me in this direction. Love Ernestine XXX

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Frederick Stadler 06 May 2006

This poem touched me, it really reminded me of my life and the poem I wrote on Christmas. A very beautiful work of art, Sidi.

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