Questions Poem by Rohan Nath


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Why can't we grasp each others hands and breathe like siblings?
Why can't we settle together in peace and sing?
Why do we seek power when collectively we are invulnerable?
Why do the powerful yet coward humans harass not strong but only feeble?
Why don't we give liberty to the slaves? Aren't they human too?
Don't they have spirit and life? Then why do we maintain them in due?
They work all day and night satisfying our needs and pleasures.
But still we count them low in our society so low they are measured.
Why don't we give sufficient necessities to all the young children of Lord?
Why do we hold them as a slave and don't listen to any of their word?
They are just adolescent lad and need to discover the world.
They have much to learn, they are our future and our sources to what is referred to molten gold.
Think about the crying mothers whose sons are snatched away during the war.
The young lads live distant away from their motherland, in a place too unknown too far.
Yet we barely remember them or their deeds.
No matter how much blood they shed like ruby beads.
Why the ladies disrespected and men are help mightier?
Isn't it a universal fact, without them there would be no heir?
Why do we deceive our own brothers and sisters?
Aren't we all the same children of the one who is held mightier?
Why do we seek revenge and not live in silence?
Why can't we even love our hostile and not just friends?
Why can't we put our trust in the Lord by all means?
HE did everything for us and even died for our sins.
We are all equivalent, all the similar.
We live in the same world and do breathe the same atmosphere.
So why differentiate us with class, sex, color or creed?
Has the authority damaged us or is it the greed?
Has the humanity is us all gone?
Is it possible the approaching of the Judgement Day is at dawn?
I neither ask these questions to you nor me. I asked these difficulties to us.
To take care of our contribution by God is must.
Why can't we show a little sympathy? Not just by lettering a rhyme.
But by doing a random act of kindness at a time.

I would be grateful if you can comment relating to mistakes of this poem.
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 December 2013

Wow an aweinspiring hardhitting poem food for thought on attitudes! Kudos for d rhymin. I hope u read my latest, on warlords too.

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Mike Barrett 27 December 2013

Rohan, you have a gift....grow your knowledge and polish your too could easily become a channel through which God (To me the IT IS) can use to touch other Souls and help them in their eternal growth. God bless.

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Payal Parande 27 December 2013

first of all hi, and now about the poem well i think this poem is remarkable, the thoughts you put into it are very provoking and about the mistakes well they are some but i am pretty you'll make through it since you seem like brilliant young man good luck

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