Women Poem by Rohan Nath


Rating: 3.5

Who would contradict the affection of a mother?
She who endeavoured to bestow us the breath of existence;
Intensely compassionate in personality they are.
Secures us and therefore forms our defense.

Who else can obtain and sustain the duty of a sister?
She who happens to be our emotional support;
Sensible in intellect and gentle in action they are.
Guides us and therefore on no account lets us abort.

Who would constantly be dependable like a wife?
She who makes it crucial to fulfill our needs at any rate;
Gorgeous in qualities and remains beside us for our entire life,
Idolizes us and therefore desires us to be her soul mate.

Who else can be more valuable than a daughter?
She who sacrifices for the advantages of her family;
Garnished with essence of motherliness and heals our scar.
They are overflowing with responsibilities to an extreme degree.

Women stay as the most significant person in our life and soul,
And build an effort to facilitate us to accomplish our goal.

Any comment related to the poem is grandly welcomed.

Women stay as the most significant person in our life and soul, Very Nice Words. I rated 10.

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V P Mahur 09 March 2014

dear Rohan I agree with your thoughts. Woman is really matchless. this one for you, 149. Unique Creation O Creator of all! Just tell me clear From where You brought the stuff To create a mother So full of endurance And so tough To bear all the hardships Of bringing up ........................ ............................ you can read full text on my page. I invite you to read my poems and write views. Thanks!

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Mike Barrett 02 March 2014

Hi Rohan, great observations expressed here.....it is certain women play a great role in the evolution of human kind as do men. Each complement the other but at the level of Soul, each integrate with the other. At least, from my perspective, that's how I understand it. Cheers!

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Rohan Nath

Rohan Nath

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