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Rookie (Born October 26th / Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

- Rant Good News, Bad News (Midlife Crisis Ranting) - Part 1 - Poem by Ronberge (anno primo)

Good news is sex is for everyone.
Bad news is marriage isn’t!

Good news is love is free.
Bad news is no one wants to pay for it!

Good news is most people can have children.
Bad news is most people can’t stand children!

Good news is life goes on.
Bad news is there’s more of it where it came from!

Good news is my muse visits me.
Bad news is she wont let me sleep!

Good news is the world supports life.
Bad news is we’re here!

Good news is all men are equal.
Bad news is it makes women superior!

Good news is art is alive and well.
Bad news is they’re still trying to kill it!

Good news is there is a God.
Bad news is he ain’t listening, is she?

Good news money is everywhere to be found.
Bad news is trees are growing scarce!

Good news is orgasms are great.
Bad news is they don’t last!

Good news is happiness is an attitude.
Bad news is it needs adjusting!

Good news is Sue Ellen didn’t shoot JR.
Bad news is someone else missed!

Good news is we live in an age of communication.
Bad news is we don’t have anything better to say, do we?

Good news is the Robinson’s are still together.
Bad news they’re still lost in space!

Good news is we’re going to live longer.
Bad news is we’re not getting any smarter!

Good news is men now also have birth control pills.
Bad news is less and less people are going to take them!

Good news is I fell in love.
Bad news is I haven’t fallen out yet!

Good news is Good.
Bad news is Bad!

Good news is my wife still loves me.
Bad news is I still love her!

Good news is I’m having an affair.
Bad news is it’s with myself!

Good news is my kids go to school.
Bad news is they keep coming back!

Good news is poetry is free.
Bad news is you usually get what you pay for!

Good news is more people write than ever.
Bad news is more spelling errors!

Good news is they found a new source of energy.
Bad news is they already made a bomb out of it!

Good news is my ex is still single.
Bad news is she still wouldn’t take me if she could!

Good news is I still like what I see in the mirror after a shower.
Bad news is it clears up after a while!

Good news is the people want to make love not war.
Bad news is the leaders want to make war not love!

Good news is the times they are a’changin’.
Bad news is into (what exactly?) more of the same!

Good news is can still see my abs.
Bad news is can see my scalp now!

Good news is they got viagra now.
Bad news is older teenagers!

Good news is life’s a big joke.
Bad news is I still don’t get it!

Good news is there’s a UFO in my back yard, proof that intelligent life exists elsewhere
Bad news is I don’t have any more film for my camera and the stores are closed!

Good news is I’m still typing.
Bad news is I can’t stop! I should really stop!

Good news is these are just words
Bad news is they sort of make sense, don’t they?

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