Real Love Poem by karen banks

Real Love

Rating: 5.0

it's real and true and great
never end or take a break
if its a dream then i dont wanna wake
if its real then its for me
if it dont last then it will just be
FAKE FAKE yep real fake
i hope its real for GOD's sake
because its too strong to go away
i dont want it to leave naw it can stay
real love can be seen from miles away
and in this game noobody want to play
to scared to get hurt
scared it wont work
but even worse to scared to love
if you always givin and they always take
then you know that that love is fake.

Lizzie O'neill 09 March 2012

I love this poem, you have a true talent

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Rick Adriolo 24 January 2012

It's difficult when you are scared to love or that you don't trust love to be real.. but being that way makes it hard to be deeply in love.. and you can never love someone with your hole heart cause you are affraid it will end and you will be heartbroken.. so when in love you have to give 100% or nothing.. I love the poem..

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Robert Beck 29 November 2011

Good rhyme, good flow, good poem.

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