A Mother's Love Poem by karen banks

A Mother's Love

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A mother's love wont ever change
no matter where you are
across the country across the state
or even next door
but one thing I have relize
that a mother's love can get stronger
when you are far away
mothers know when you are sad, happy, or blue.
but their are 3 words that can cheer you up
that is I love you
to know that out of all your friends
your mother love is true
and now days you cant determine a mother, s love
by her having you
If my mother did have me
I would love her the same
the love she gives me is so strong
it's forever lasting
and even though she did not have me
me she stills adore
the fact that her love is so strong
makes me love her even more

Zibele Mrasi 25 January 2012

I respect this one very true

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Asif Andalib 28 September 2012

It is a gift for your mother who is so caring and loving. Good poem

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Farah Ilyas 27 January 2012

the love she gives me is so strong it's forever lasting... yeah millons of words can't express the dignity of my mother....well done great job

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Ency Bearis 26 January 2012

you nailed it and a wonderful tribute to your mother

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Sumanta Roy 25 January 2012

Hi! This poem is very nice and touchy. The key note of the poem is super.Really she always love her child, distance does'nt matter.Thank you for inviting me.

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Wahab Abdul 25 January 2012

i like the poem for its super content...mother's love is very difficult to depict but here is the young bird who has done the unbelievable task. the next quality of the poem is its flow and nice wording. i am giving you 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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