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every day I wake up wondering how my day will go
life is liKE a surpise because you never know
but I keep my head up high because oI never worry
dont wanna rush life so I never hurry

My mother, my therpist and my hero

You raised me up and took me in

Who cares
what I say
who cares what I do
who cares

A mother's love wont ever change
no matter where you are
across the country across the state
or even next door

i was rushin to get there but what i didnt know
the top is a place where not to many people go
it is very loney but i am happy i made it
but dont get me wrong im not trying to degrade it

no emotions, no heart
no sunshine, no dark
no pain, no shy
the girl who cant cry

I'm walking backwards because forward does not get me any where
since I know what will happen
so there's no need to care
my future is my past

it's real and true and great
never end or take a break
if its a dream then i dont wanna wake
if its real then its for me

gotta keep going
untill I reach the top
one more step
right now cant stop

Just the other day I was so straight
Then you came and knock me off my weight
I know Im not gay..well I thought so
But you got me stuck and no where to go

really dont wanna get hurt again
like i am starting to like u again
but im really am to scared of getting my heart broke again
tell me that u r seruious plez

Jesus is the one who made me who I am today

all because everyday I get down just to pray


I have had alot of dreams

sing along songs to go with the themes


If GOD is real
why cant I feel
If GOD is real


we r besties besties

I am argumentative yes a debater

so ou know that i have them haters

First of all… yeah

Might wanna go find a girl that you can impress

Bruno Mars had a Grenade, Taio Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw them at
Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework.
The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time,
while Rihanna had memory loss and and ran around saying Whats My Name.

dermination comes from something that you really want

so you r determine to mke sure you do it

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hi my name is karen banks. I have been writting since for ever.i am 15 years old. and cant wait to be famous.)

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every day I wake up wondering how my day will go
life is liKE a surpise because you never know
but I keep my head up high because oI never worry
dont wanna rush life so I never hurry
life will become great after a while
but the mean time just put on a smile
not trying to cover up your fears and dismay
but whats the point of being angry all the time
you should not let the little things get in your way
you way of shining and becoming a leader
sometimes you have to forget all of your troubles
let em be mistakes and little stumbles
but just like when you fall you gotta get back up
get up bigger and stronger to show you had enough
smile your way in, and the inside will shine
let go of yesterday and leave it behind
look for glory and happiness so you can find
the real you the one in the reflection
follow your self in a self dierection
be who you really are, That shining star
smile every day because you know who you are

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Harry Bryant 10 May 2014

Hi Karen, just finished your poem A MOTHERS LOVE, having written a poem for my own dear mother, I can see the love in your poem, even though you say she was not your mother, her love for you is as strong as a mothers love, that is a testimony for you my young friend, never doubt or deny the love you have for this woman. I also read your poem MIXED EMOTIONS, it is also a nice poem, though you sound a bit confused and not really sure if you want this kind of love, rest assured that love is love no matter where it comes from or who it comes from, and if anyone does not like who you love, let them be on their own way, they have no right to judge you under any circumstances. good luck in all you do and keep writing your friend in poetry Harry Bryant

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Allison Helman 26 January 2012

Nice. Keep looking around and remembering. These will be the ingredients for your evolving poetry.

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