Reality, Irony, And Other Stuff Poem by Leslie Ching

Reality, Irony, And Other Stuff

Rating: 4.6

At early dawn, before sunrise
I set out for Reality;
And very much to my surprise
A tour guide waited there for me.

'Ah! Here you are! I see that you’ve arrived;
Welcome to Reality of Trouble and Despise.
There is much that we shall see today
So we must hurry on our way.'

I followed awestruck in his wake
I could not believe my eyes;
So all the vivid stories were fake!
It looked like all had died!

The clouded sky seemed so forlorn,
Yet to become a clear light blue;
The buildings were as if in mourn,
Decrepit and always subdued;

The cold grey stones that paved the road
Were all inlaid in choking dust,
The heavy air that would soon unfold
Seemed smoggy and tainted with rust;

As for people, there were none outside,
At this hour, what would you expect?
I gloomily pondered it and sadly sighed
In stories Reality was always perfect!

As my tour guide wound through the streets
He paused now and then to say:
“This is where the main street ends
And where the shoreline meets the bay.”

I’d never really paid attention
And now I would pay the price;
This was nowhere near perfection
And definitely had no spice!

I tried to flee the horrid scene
But twisting alleys blocked my way;
I desperately wished it were a dream
But it did nothing to save the day;

My guide caught up and gripped my sleeve;
Now surely there was no escape.
With sorrow in heart, a sigh I heaved
How had I gotten into such a scrape?

And here I write my anguished tale
I had rashly sought for easy life;
I never knew how bad I'd fail
Until I finally met strife!

(Inspired by “The Phantom Tollbooth”,12/21/08)

Sameer Ahmed 24 December 2008

The description of early dawn is perfect and depicts the sophistication of nature....the last stanza was really an inspiration for those who choose to lead an easy life and always struggle when hardships should learn from the message conveyed in this very stanza and experience life with a true gesture and tackle the difficulties with valor....only then they would be able to apply idealism in their lives............absolute 10/10...........

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Leslie Ching

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