Recap 138 Poem by Thomas Plotz

Recap 138

My goal was to tie Frost with 138, poems and odes
In the can, or on the wall
Trying to make, sense
Of the intense, interactions
Forth hence, between reader and writer

Now I’m over half way, with 73
Poems in print, for
Others to read,
Although, just electronically

The amusement, positional needs, of the better ones - poems
Roams, bound with type, and parchments of, off white paper
Softly torn edge, and cotton fibers to
Comfort your fingers, beside her,
Connoisseur leather grained touches,
According to the ream of style

For a while, this would please me,
Knowing you’re able to go, and take my work off the shelf
Flip through the pages yourself, and then
Place it on the coffee table

Next to the tea and crumpets, enabling the entertainment,
Of the bridge troupe group,
Patrons, and the other honored guest,
Who happens’ to stop by

For me I have found, writings - covers’,
Three major categories,
The white, the dark, and the grey

White poems - story of nature, and joy, serenity of destiny
Dark poems - death, drowning in despair, and dissolution
Grey poems - Love poems, you need a devotional, emotional pull

So, I’ve written a few dark, a handful of white, and
Grey, Love poems, you see

Mostly in free form, some Ballads - Songs, two Haiku, and Ode’s
Just need to explore some other forms,
Performances of storms, and other norms

For a nice round sense, of expression
For harmonic progression,
Of this impression,
Of poetry

Not the best
Not the worst
Not a bad, White poem, at all

T. Plotz
Recap 138
DEC 9,2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
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Happy Birthday Papa John G. N.C. - This is just another form of entertainment, I hope. Ode to poem writers
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