In a preposterous world I shall claim for nothing! ! ! ! !
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For My Rose!
So many charming flowers loved me:
Some of them were Daisy, Lily, Jasmine and Rose
But I loved the one among them was Rose
''Rose- The Queen of flowers'',
A Song Of Despair
The night rain sing the song
To benumb my soul all along.
Grief breaks heart's fence
Over the hills of silence
¥ Freedom ¥
The word that ignited my incombustile mind,
I raised then the marasmus jowl upward
And opened my sutured mouth.
Eyes were cascading the caged fervour
Save Me!
I open the casement of my soul
To encamp me into your tent of life,
As I'm a temporary tenant in this world,
I want to be with the one I believe.
A new day has come in my shell,
Underneath my chrysalis of life
For the metamorphosis of my shadow
When I listened to the rain,
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04 April 2015
In a preposterous world I shall claim for nothing! ! ! ! !


sdvsvds 27 January 2020
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Rosi Caswell 28 July 2012
Love the enthusiasm and passion which goes into your writing
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Unwritten Soul 22 July 2012
Thanks Vipin for your encouragement to me continously As for you, a great writer who travel so far just to find your dream I wish you all the best, never give up and each of your sweat will get paid soon....Trust yourself, take it from south, Precious spicy India Remember the spirit from south, just like gasoline lamp...take it to shine from below to above. Keep shine and never give up :) _Unwritten Soul
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Dead Leaf 09 May 2012
waiting for your new poems...
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Dead Leaf 09 May 2012
waiting for your new poems...
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Dead Leaf 09 May 2012
waiting for your new poems...
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Dead Leaf 09 May 2012
waiting for your new poems...
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Samra Haq 23 March 2012
I have read your poems. You are really a great poet. Keep it up.
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Wahab Abdul 18 March 2012
Vipins is the name of a young man from India, and having a hand spread to help and to encourage others, he is a budding bard of india with excellent phraseology and an intuitive mind to create new epithets, he is master of new concept and ideas, the style of writing is unique and original, may i call it vipins' style, he is young, so i see that future belongs to him in the field of poetry.
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Wahab Abdul 01 March 2012
''Above the hill, the meadow and the sea, Beloved! thou art always beloved to me.'' a good quotation from Vipins' poem.
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Shahzia Batool 17 February 2012
Vipins! a sincere n determined poet, , his verse is growing incandescent, giving off both light n heat of sincere thoughts...
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Harindhar Reddy 13 February 2012
God gracious! The wizards of words and their deeds has come alive with name Vipins! He is truly romantic at heart and baron of feelings* Whatsoever is the topic, the moment he touches it become gold in the eyes of reader! ** It is like heaven to write poetry along with poets like him in as he has the aura of romanticism! *** He simply writes poems but they draw many pictures on the minds of readers, Bingo! **** He is my favorite Indian poet on the site and one of the stalwarts of 21century poetry.... He mastered talent in poetry as consequence of it became his page and listens to his commands. Let me give him 5 stars!
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Ahmed Khaled 06 January 2012
I can not find myself unless i can find my friend [vipins] besides i can not look at myself unless i can look at my friend [vipins], because, when i find my friend [vipins] and look at him at the very same time, i find and look at true effective poetry, which deserves to be found and looked at, exactly as any artistic masterpiece deserves so, i'm really proud, having a real friend and a wonderful man of poetry, thank you alot my friend being my friend your friend and brother: : : AHMED KHALED
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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 02 December 2011
A truly gifted writer with amazing talent, a great friend indeed with encouraging comments all the time, , , he always paints a clear picture with every work he shares with us, , , a truly amazing person, , , , , , , , ,
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John Hancock 04 November 2011
Save me was a beautiful poem to read there is much power in your words such heartfelt lines thta allow your poem to sing whilst it is being read well done take care
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Ralph The Elf 24 October 2011
i like what u did with freedom and footprints
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Paul Colvin 22 October 2011
Having just watched a documentary on Boadicea, I wasn't expecting this. Great,10/10.
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Richard McClellan 19 October 2011
Good poem! Keep working on your poem writing... :)
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Jasmine Moreth 12 October 2011
its really makes you think who are you with out the one that you love? ... you can tell it came from the heart
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John Salome 10 October 2011
Good poem :) Good story to it.
1 1 Reply Ratu 03 October 2011
This is a nice poem youll make a great poet
2 1 Reply
Unwritten Soul 02 October 2011
Exotic words owner, creative hand is Vipin's nick names. Writing look so easy and words so friendly when vipin take the pen in hand. Personally i do not know who is Vipin before, but i can feel that the poet has good and light hearted. Remarked as talented poet, Vipin is truly a good one..The art to write is always asking to out from his mind. so we need no wait for his new write. Writing is the passion but the skill Vipin got make it a good complimentary to be great known Indian Poet one day. So i am glad meeting a various people in different background in poem hunter.. Pool of talents...and Vipin is here too, keep more writing Vipin, your supportive friend_Unwritten Soul
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