Remember You Are Special Poem by Philip Winchester

Remember You Are Special

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Remember, you are Special.
Even though from time to time you may forget,
Mind filled with this and that and yes the other,
Every thought you have rejects the last one in your head.
Make a moment perhaps in each and every single hour.
Be selfish yes though your nature not to be.
Echo to yourself, you have such fantastic power
Remember you are special to yourself and yes to me!

You use each day all the special powers
Of those God gifted and ones learnt at your Mothers knee
Use them now before they become forgotten

Awake to the fact that you're Gods special Agent
Remember that my friend and take it with his Love
Even if the skills you simply have are not enough.

Special times will soon enough be coming
Peculiar to some but not to me or thee
Especially those that have the special powers
Children picked by God to show the way.
It's in a special sense to appeal to your good nature,
Awake and smell the Coffee, I know, for sure, you will.
Live each day because you're special, in this, oh so, very special World

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 24 October 2009

a very inspiring poem..and an absolute truth too

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Munia Khan 11 October 2009

I've never gone through to such an inspirational poem that gains purity by being tested against human character.What I understand, it illustrates your practical wisdom.The encouragement that I've got from this poem is that I really need to awake to the fact that you're the one who's God's special agent so, no doubt, I need to follow you n only you...Your lines here gives sound advice - how to achieve at least 40% of the talent of the poet Philip Winchester from his inspirational verses....! ! How can I adore you more my dear? ?

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Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

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