The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life Poem by Philip Winchester

The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Acrostic Poem 155

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.
Having finally reached Stargate Nine Nine Nine, tell me please what do you propose?
Enable me to understand, all your talk about God, all this “Love your Neighbour as Yourself”

First let me say, before you start mocking me again, I Love God, Have always, will always.
I have also not just started loving my Neighbour, I figure everyone as my Neighbour, have always.
Remember I did not come down to Earth with the Last shower of rain, credit me pleeeze!
Security! Security! Search this Man immediately Did you pack this bag yourself Sir? Well did You?
Take this Man's Baggage and search it, Do you have any items with you not declared?

Do you possess any of the following? Assertiveness, Awareness, Benevolence and Commitment.
A Man we deported tried and failed to show a limited knowledge and that just did not do!
Yes I can see it in your Eyes you have all you need so my friend you can go right on through.

Oh, a few other things can we ask, do you have a quick wit and the wisdom of Solomon?
Faith goes without saying, you have to hold that, and your words have the rhythm of poems.

The pride that you carry, must be left on the desk and the pleasures of flesh are forbidden.
Have your acts of compassion unseen by the World, your rewards from now on, are in heaven.
Enter now the new gateway “The Rest of Your Life” don't look back, you have all that you need.

Report to that desk, No! Just leave all your Bags, you may have them returned if you need them.
Empathy learnt , an unlimited supply can be carried and in your case, so widely distribute.
Spiritual learning you will gladly soon undertake, its the best way we see of improving.
To this end we've a favour to ask of you please, some luggage to take on your travels.

Only ten dusty trunks have been left by your Guides, containing over a hundred fine basic virtues.
Feed these virtues on I beg, they are no weight, God gives you strength, now get you going!

You have now to plan out the rest of your Life, I know that your bold steps will not falter.
Once each day without a care to enter Meditation, plan and target Love to each and everybody.
Uppermost your focus of the Mind, will reward your humblest efforts always, always.
Reaching for the Stars in Fantasy, in reality is for dreamers. You are NOT a Dreamer.

Limitless, the attributes you can bring, to this Life by your actions.
In the darkest World of the Blind you see The One-eyed Man is King.
From this day forth, for the Rest of your Life, You know just where you're going.
Embark from this gate Nine, Nine, Nine. Fear not! This is only the Beginning.

Munia Khan 16 February 2010

....And you have that quick wit and the wisdom of Solomon........And the first day of the rest of our lives will be blessed with that wisdom of the 1000thman.......Wonderful work! !

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Patrick A. Martin 07 November 2009

This is a terrific poem Philip. You know it's such a shame it takes so long to get to the fiest day of the rest of your life- if you get there at all-10

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 05 November 2009

this one is really long but good. It reminds me of Walt Whitman.

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