Serendipity A Happy Accident Poem by Philip Winchester

Serendipity A Happy Accident


Serendipity, a happy accident?
Every meeting made could just be the one.
Relationships forged and cast in steel forever.
In chance unexpected discoveries, heaven sent
Nomads wandering through deserts wastes
Discussions wrong, right and indifferent come to light
It's only once in a Blue moon, or so it seems
Perhaps only once in a life time may be the truth
It for sure aint every single day
That you have the chance of SERENDIPITY
Yes that Happy Accident of Chance to meet a Kindred Soul.

All through Life you search not knowing truly what you seek.

Happy accidents may never come to light without a deal of luck
A card you may be dealt, may turn a cold stone to a pot of gold.
Perchance a blind date lead you down an unfamiliar path
Perhaps your Star that day could align with Mars
Yes as I have said before “ Out of Life you get whatever you put in”

Accidents are bound to happen once or twice now and again
Chance your arm too much and you may over-reach
Careful make sure that you look before you leap
In fact at your age you'd better not leap at all.
Destiny by chance, well, is there any other way,
Ethereal Angels chanting in sweetest harmony
Now and again to join a sister to a brother
Through the ancient SERENDIPITY.

Written in the Now gifted to The 1000th Man with grateful thanks 28th August 2009

Munia Khan 16 February 2010

The Happiest Accident i must a soul's life! ! ! Excellent prose! ! !

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Vandavasu Vittal 12 December 2009

Elegant write Philip but there is no magic and life is automatic. But still u get wht u put in life.

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Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

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