Remembering The Game Poem by Jim Yerman

Remembering The Game

Another baseball season begins and as teams vie for fortune and for fame…I'm reminded of the time I tried to teach my children….


It was years ago when we took our children to the ballpark on a bright and sunny day.
We wore baseball caps, sat in the stands and watched grown men at play.

We'd been sitting for a few innings when I heard my daughter exclaim,
"Daddy, this is boring...what do you like about this game? "

It seemed at their young age my children didn't share my baseball adoration…and I was sure they weren't quite ready for a lengthy explanation.

As we basked in the sunshine eating hot dogs with ketchup and mustard on our buns…I could have explained the rules of the game, about strikes and balls and runs.

I could have taken that opportunity surrounded by my children and my wife to explain how baseball, if we let it, can teach us about life.

I could have pointed out, although it is individual player's name we scream, baseball teaches people to work together as a team.

That baseball teaches humility…for no matter how hard you work, or what path you in life you choose…sometimes you're going to win...and sometimes you're going to lose.

That baseball teaches perseverance, determination, tenacity and grit…that you shouldn't worry when you strike out because you'll get another chance to hit.

That you must endure the slumps in life and the havoc they may wreak…If you're also to enjoy the jubilance and the joy of a winning streak.

I wanted to say no matter how many bases you matter where you roam…that life will circle back and you'll always feel safe at home.

All these thoughts went through my mind as we sat in the park that day…wondering what to tell my children as we watched grown men at play.

"What do I like about baseball, " I said smiling for suddenly I knew "What I like best about sharing it with you'.

Our children are all grown now and, as far as baseball...that's a shame…because I never got to explain to them the intricacies of the game.

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