Remnants From A Fire Poem by Bernard Snyder

Remnants From A Fire

This is the story about two branches
both green and immature
one knew what his heart desires, the other unsure,
they grew apart, met other flames
that would eventually cross their paths
temporary fulfillment was easily found
but nothing like that of years past,
surprisingly fate would step in
and have them to reconnect
they realize a fire still burns between them
and the chemistry never left.
Now they're both are in agreement
wanting to turn the heat up just a little
but there seem to be another branch
that sits right smack in the middle,
the two branches are quite aware of what is at stake
but they seem to be on one accord
they see the high risk they are chancing
but they're wide-eyed about the reward
so here they sit clinging to a fire that still burns
realizing the heat has intensified
the two branches for which this pit was built
are slowly 'melting ' to know what's inside.

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love and friendship
Btyfulone 18 May 2020

Bernard, this is a beautiful piece! Love lost, love found, love rekindled!

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La Donna 14 May 2020

Wow, that was deep l I felt that!

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