'Broken Pieces' Poem by Bernard Snyder

'Broken Pieces'

Rating: 3.5

Sometimes we sort through the shattered pieces
with hopes of finding something still intact,
despite the excruciating pain we went through,
we always find ourselves looking back,
too often we allow our hearts to lead us
hoping for a second chance
putting our entire lives on 'hold'
when we should be trying to advance,
we get so 'caught up' thinking of the good times
that we forget how the bad times left us hurt and speechless
losing sight that all we have left
is memories and 'broken pieces.


Shattered and scattered, the broken pieces of our lives long to be whole. Well worded work my friend! 10/10

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Stefanie Fontker 04 October 2011

It is odd that I haven't come across your poetry before, you are a true gem. I thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Beautiful poetry here, I expect no less.

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Silentpoet Grl 28 October 2011

beautifully written. great poem!

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Jeri Martindale 20 July 2014

I feel the same way. Broken pieces mold and make you just like the perfect pieces do.

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Charity Nduhiu 23 July 2014

Yes sometimes we get so caught up in thinking of the good times but we forget there is a whole life ahead of us. Keep up the good work Ben

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Keith Brown 24 April 2020

Great poem read a few of yours, like the style

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Lyn Paul 17 January 2018

If we look back into our lives and memories we should be proud of how we got through these difficulties. How the shattered pieces have slowly mended. Thank You

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Adeline Foster 19 June 2015

Good poem. Enjoyed very much. Read mine Mitigation Adeline

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Susan Lacovara 18 June 2015

Amen! Amen! Amen! .Your words find me, as I sit staring back at love's yesterday....Can't seem to shake the sadness. Then I stumble onto the words you offer. Eye opening inspiration to leave forward. You have provided a push, or so needed. Wonderful wisdom. PEACE

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Valsa George 03 April 2015

Among the shattered pieces, there may still be something in tact! In pain and misery also there is hope! Though the present may not be so happy, sometimes memories of the bygone incidents can give us a lot of joy and drown our present vexations! Enjoyed the poem that ends on a note of positivity! Thank you Bernard for this write!

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