Bernard Snyder Poems

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'Without You'

The love songs I used to sing for you
now just seem like shattered words,
the white doves that followed us along the beaches
now seem like ordinary birds,

'Why I Love You'

I love you because you're the other half
that makes me whole,
when we're apart
I feel helpless and out of control,

'Swimming With A Shark'

She tried to warn me
right from the start,
she said she had a friend
that had stolen her heart,


They get started by certain people
that run their mouths without the facts,
they take a story they've overheard
and begin to add to it or subtract,

'Behind The Smile'

I've always known she was taken
but something about her made me keep trying,
I used to flatter her with sweet pleasantries
knowing she would read between the lines,

'Broken Pieces'

Sometimes we sort through the shattered pieces
with hopes of finding something still intact,
despite the excruciating pain we went through,
we always find ourselves looking back,


I've sailed around the world twice

The Wind Beneath My Wings

When my time here on earth expires
I won't have any regrets,
because by having met you
I was finally given the opportunity to know what

'Sunken Ships'

They're gone but never forgotten
abandoned out at sea,
some severely beaten by past storms
others stuck in misery,

'A Lonely Rose'

Something must've happened over time
no one seem to ever ask for me,
maybe I've lost my significance
or the world's going through a catastrophe,