'You' Poem by Bernard Snyder


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I've sailed around the world twice

I've sailed around the world twice
I've swam in the Caribbean seas
I've seen the sunset over many beaches
I've even dated celebrities,
I've shaken hands with former presidents
I've been taken to places I hardly knew,
but nothing was ever so breath-taking
than the day I first saw you,
not only were you so beautiful
you spoke with such eloquence
in all my worldly travels
I haven't met anyone like you since
I've been asked many times
what had the most memorable view
I've seen a lot of fascinating things
but nothing as captivating as you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Stefanie Fontker 04 October 2011

Such sweet words, whomever you're writing for is very lucky! Love is a magnificent thing, isn't it?

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Vipins Puthooran 05 October 2011

I like the first 6 lines.... To depict your love's beauty... A lovley poem....

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Unwritten Soul 17 October 2011

Ah.......it amusing and lovely inked.. :) You traveled in many places and met many great people but when someone travel a feeling in your heart, it made you heart filled more in emotions, sweet emotion..Now i believe you completing all traveling around the world and found the most fascinating one, you can swim deep in feelings, you could feel the breeze and wave without a beach spell, even a closer heart than any people...the one you called 'You' actually the whole package of world tour..i am sure you traveled anywhere with that special 'You' without move even crossing the time..LOve it..this so beautiful and lovely poetry _Unwritten Soul

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Rachel Butler 27 October 2011

'but never was ever so breathtaking than the day I first saw you' RAB

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Rekha Mandagere 11 January 2012

Friend that 'YOU' must be an angel of Caribbean sea, capture her soon to your heart before others captivating her. Nice flow of sentiments. I always love the way you express your deep feelings with unimaginable ease and flow.

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La Donna 13 May 2020

This man is so profound. He's thought provoking in everything he writes! Bernard I so happy to know you. You deserve the best that God bestow on you, and more !

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Keith Brown 23 April 2020

Critics and naysayers only strengthen a man or woman that truely know them selves, nice poem

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Savita Tyagi 23 October 2019

I agree with Regina Weaver. This would put smile on any woman's face. Thanks for valuing the other half of you.

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alan brown 10 September 2018

Fantastic write Bernard

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Regina Weaver 14 June 2017

This put a smile on my face as I read. So far that I have read, your poems are very touching.

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