Restless Poem by Hezekiah Tiamiyu


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Everyday, we struggle.
For food, for shelter, we tussle.
Alot, for the cash solve jackpot puzzle.
Old, young, younger, everyone hustle.

Tirelessly in the flaming sun we walk,
Headed to a land of no rest; Our place of work.
For us teachers, we just talk on and talk,
While them bankers count the cash with long ties worn.

We struggle everyday,
And from our pocket, a penny each day.
Fearless of death, careless of health, we make our day.
Sleep with an eye, while the other watch the sun's ray.

The sun is yet alive, but we've begun marching.
Teachers, keep on talking,
Hawkers, never cease walking.
With just one thing in mind in all our doing;

That there is no rest
Till you in peace rest.
So you do your best,
And leave to God, the rest.

This is a very special poem to me, because I wrote it at the middle of the night, without light or candle. I just closed my eyes, held my book and pen, .... And this is wat resulted
Nurain Ali-balogun 14 July 2012

Not many poets write like you, gentle words but weighty. This is a grt write Toyeeb, looking forward to reading more like it.

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Dr Antony Theodore 31 May 2016

A very good poem written at midnight without light..... just wonderful. thoughts, future, worries, joys, pains.... all are reflected here in this poem. thank you very much. tony

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Babatunde Aremu 01 September 2012

Good poem. Very thoughtful. It's a rat race. I like it. Pls read mine and comment

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poem well flowed to the ending flawless. rhyming words used suitably Read mine and comment please. Thank u

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Patricia Wright 15 July 2012

Toheeb, I felt your fatigue and struggle, while your words also stirred a sense of pain from the weight of the strife lived by one so young. Keep your eyes on the will go far!

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Neela Nath Das 14 July 2012

Your message is great, Toheeb.So, romantic you are about life! The manner in which you wrote the poem is unique.Just unique!

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Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Lagos state, Nigeria
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