Restless And Shining

You have no idea, but i know you better than you think.
not just your big warm smile as the summer breeze,
your brown skin made of honey,
or your deepest thougths and desires.

I know all of your habits.
like dancing to the sound of waterdrops when it rains,
or lying in your bed singing when the sun is up,
gazing at the ceiling for hours and hours,
just imagining waves of joy entering by your room window.
you always celebrate life at its fullest.
and every single night you draw a fantasy in your naked body,
and then fly alone over a bay till the next day.
you never sleep, always restless and shining,
always celebrating life.

I cry drifting in the darkness of my mind,
crying because i know exactly what your not
and never will be,

Alison Cassidy 31 May 2008

This beautiful tribute ends on a sad note. Your have a wonderful feel for the poetic Andre and your images are flooded with joy and passion. Ironically, it is the transposition into a minor key in the final couplet that makes it such a good poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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beautiful imagery, well done

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i like it..and stay strong...if its meant to be it will be. if you love her, then let her go, if its meant to be then she'll come back...stay strong dude.

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