André Lopes Poems

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Inner Sparkle

Sometimes i feel big, huge, giant.
i'm able to change mankind's destiny,
to walk invisibles paths in the moonlight,
to breathe life like a golden river.


Crystalized and ethereal dawn
with the moon's face suspended in the air.
bodies dancing near a beach
searching for the ecstasy of the stars.

Restless And Shining

You have no idea, but i know you better than you think.
not just your big warm smile as the summer breeze,
your brown skin made of honey,
or your deepest thougths and desires.

Come With Me

I saw you running today after a butterfly,
then you smiled gazing at me.
its funny how your face seems to tell a love tale
between the moon and deepest sea.

Midnight Train

I wait for the midnight train in an abandoned station,
starring at the night with my pockets empty.

Something makes me believe it will take me to an island,

A Million Seashells And Lullabys

Deliriums burn at the edge of my skin,
i want everything at the same time.
give me a vast ancient town to wander.
give me symbols and visions from the future.

Ray Of Light

Open up your wings when you have to fly,
when you want to let yourself go.
scream when you have to,
be the prophet,

Mother Ocean

Slide deeply into my bones
and make my fears go away.
i want to be blue, like the ocean.
i want to be strong and beautiful,

Low Light

A low light and some midnight wonders
brought peace and grace into my mind.
lying on my bed i drove trought nights quiet, soft side,
but then some incense flavours brought me memories of yesterdays.

Chasing The Wind

It feels so good to lay down and relax for a little,
to go across a sunny afternoon just chasing the wind.
tell me your stories, tell me about your childhood
and your desire to change the world.

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