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A Flower

A flower, so beautiful.
yet so delicate to the touch.
As is my heart.
It doesnt ask for much.

A Lost & Confused Girl

She goes to sleep to stop thinking that horible thought and to stop the

tears from flowing from her blue eyes. She wakes up and its all she

Heart Beat____/\/\__/\_/\_____/\_________________

A Bad Dream

She goes outside to escape the yelling between her parents. She sits

down and begins to cry. She looks up at the stars and thinks of him.

As The Sun Rises

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Loveless Marie 22 January 2009

WOW we sound so alike.Its CRAZYYY :)

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Ian Singer 16 September 2008

wow you sound like a lot of fun and its cool that you skate i skate but i am in a cast right now. are you the good pot smoking tree hugger or the crazy anti everthing tree hugger?

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Writer Poet Lover 27 August 2008

WOO HOO ELIZONDOOOOO! ! ! ! hey it's caden.... add me to friends dang it....

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Hey, my names Jessica. I'm 18 and a Junior in high school. My friends are amazing and idk what i'd do without them. im strnage but for some reason they still except me lol. =) I love God and know that without him and everything he has given me, i'd be screwed. lol. I'm truly blessed for my friends and family. To shorten this up, I love alot of things, and i 'dislike' alot of things, yes, no, and maybe. lol. If u wanna talk go ahead. If you have any questions just ask away =)

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