Laquory Jones

Richie's Melody - Poem by Laquory Jones

I see the stars in your eyes but now it seems
That the sparks no longer flies I looked at
Myself in the mirror and I don't like what I
See it's the pain that eats at me internally
Life can be so strange leaves you derange
If only you knew the story of how it was you
Might sit down and just listen lets just envision
A reality with no such thing as gravity memories
Begins to grab at me is this suppose to make
Me happy because it doesn't there's no more
Happiness to hold souls are forever sold as

Stories becomes unfolded and legacies are
Left untold no more room for the greater bold
The stories of old are no longer here to hold
Don't you see how much I cherished the
Greater things in life but now all has perished
And there's no more tears left to fall not a
Person can be found not one soul around
So how can I be heaven-bound i'm forever
Broken i'm sorry for everything that
I ever done don't you see i'm hurting but
I also see you're burning life doesn't always
Turn out the way we want it to be but if

I ever get a chance to speak to you in the
Next centuries I won't ever let it slip next
Time I will get a better grip on the things
That were made to treasure but I can't
Lie and say knowing you never gave me
Pleasure don't you truly see what
You truly mean to me you're are everything
That I thought you would be and much more

The many gifts that you bestow has always
Been with me the things you have always
Helped me see has planted and now i'm
Standing taller than I ever have so don't
You be mad when I tell you the things I
Have regretted I just wish that the darker
Things Could be shredded but it's
Embedded No doubt I have bled out in
The open but I was just hoping to tell you
How much I truly care before words gets
Lost in thin air I see your stares and your
Battle scars but indeed they make you
Who you are do you see mine so much
Time has been wasted I have failed you
Lets just face it so much love has been
Chased it's getting harder to keep up it's
Pace but please never forget this face
When you look up at space because
When things are made to fall apart I
Just want to forever be inside of hearts.


Topic(s) of this poem: emotions, failure, happiness, joy, legend, legends, love and art, love and life, regret, remembrance

Form: Elegy

Poet's Notes about The Poem

If you were wondering, my nickname is Richie and I wrote this for everyone who will listen thank you.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, November 20, 2015

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