Twisted Love Poem by Laquory Jones

Twisted Love

Rating: 5.0

I slowly sink to the depths of life lately my mind
Has tend to wonder in the background it seems
That's all I do who can I look up to while seeking
Truth bombs blowing up like nukes I'm breathing
In the fumes suddenly I hear the boom and
Explosions of sorts I can't abort I'm force to snort
Problems up first hand ' see what you make me
Do ' I don't want to be this way volatile with an
Anger mix became her bag of tricks I'm a sack
Of Pricks that tends to click as life itself falls
Around us like a pile of bricks so tell me why
I miss you so much in your eyes is this sort of
Rush ' Richie hush' I've fallen in her web of lust

In my heart I can barely trust so tell me how can
Souls still be touched when emotions are crushed
When push comes to shove or shove comes to
Push feelings are mushed still I walk through the
Marsh the road it leads to is dangerously harsh
I've fallen for an rabid shark relationship has
Become morbid as emotions are tossed into
Orbit but neither of us are the real culprits
It's our game of love and hate as life problems
Ricochet it's this twisted game that we like to play
Pin each other's back until it breaks or until we
Evaporate because Love is blind all of this just
To remind how fragile Love truly is we travel
Down this rapid dissent negative dividends never
Making amends never repenting of any sins
so the cycle just starts up again never ending


Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: emotion,emotional,hate,love
Edward Kofi Louis 14 October 2016

To the depths! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Roseann Shawiak 29 September 2016

A very intense and volatile poem about the effects of love and how they can turn us inside out with emotional anger and hatred. You have described this relationship exactly the way it unfolds time and again. Excellent write, Laquory! It does lead to a mistrust of being loved or loving another, a hard thing to grasp, when all one wants is to be loved in return without all the blame and admonishment. Thank you for sharing.10++++ RoseAnn

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Gajanan Mishra 27 September 2016

never ending love, here see.

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