Self-Improve Poem by Laquory Jones


I think I've found a way for minding fusion
My mind's mixed with fierce intensity
At max density because nothing in
Life comes easy desire is my
Fire that fuels my combustion revving
My engines at max capacity waking up
My adrenaline from deep inside until
The embers from sparks ignites
Eyes blazing with incite (Eyes opens wide)
My plan is to make history and rewrite it
People will always try to fight this
(it's raining pure excitement)
The only way to kill them is with kindness
(That's what I call "my enlightenment")

Lately I've learned hard vital lessons
About Self-Improvement I needed to self-
Improve it's hard when you lose your-
Self and no one can offer help but its
Through the hands you get dealt when
Life hits you below the belt that's
When the rawness of emotions reveals
Itself in it's rawness form
I must admit that I've been reborn
In the eye of the storms
Took my Life back by the horns
And it was then I knew that I
Would make it no matter how much I fell
Through the raining water I inhale the
Lightning as it exhale its roaring thunder

Someone once told me to always put on the
Coat of integrity and I've tried to live
My life in such a manner that I stay true
And if any cracks happens along the way
(Grab the spanner)this is what I would
Tell you that "I'm sorry If I've failed you"
So many cracks that I tend to fall through
But the only thing that I can do
Is Self-Improve I've added that as my
Alma mater, Tattoos, and Banners
Every-time I go back to that workroom
Manor using my brain as "a diesel locomotive"
Now my thoughts are now in locomotion
Now that I'm a new driving force to not only myself
But for everyone else as we each work on ourselves


Monday, January 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,motivational
"It is important to self-Improve"
Sylvia Frances Chan 12 February 2018

THREE: But remember, IF you don´t improve the mistakes then that´s no self-improve. Smart people like you wants to go move forward with their life and we can do that ourselves as the best. I have really enjoyed the metaphors used here, thank you for sharing this brilliant poem. A 10 and much much more, Laqory!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 February 2018

TWO: he prologue about the intensity of your character has been described violently, but with perfect similarities and metaphors. I was thinking that you do mathematics, no? But, you have created a perfect poem, describing your character and as a smart young man, you know what to do.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 February 2018

ONE: Life is just like that, Just that is my honesty. At the end if you do not have anyone as a good example, you ultimately know the best thing you have to do to get yourself balanced in life. You have enough knowledge yourself to draw strength from it. As I have read you know as the best what kind of person you are and what you need.

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Edward Kofi Louis 31 January 2018

Minding fusion! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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