Road To Nowhere Poem by Hasan Haskovic

Road To Nowhere

Dragging stones
As far as the shore
Stretched beneath the blue skies
I witnessed the trivial
Saw the inessential
Noticed how time irreversibly flies

Was I not happy as a child?
Or have the standards of happiness
Simply changed since then?
I recall being alive, being happy
No matter where, why and when

I'd rather say
My heart and senses have withered
Rid of small joys that mean life
Far enough have I lingered
Between taking to the future
Or staying in the past

Dragging stones
Deep into the ocean
With no worry of return
I heard the mute's song
Seen the difference between right and wrong
But still feel no divergence between
Or at least not one I could discern

Sometimes we don't learn
Sometimes we never learn

Dragging stones
Venturing beneath the water mirrors
Which reflect the tide and waves
Honoring the self-harming killers
Who dug their own graves
Just like I did

Last omens
Carved on rotten wood
Painted crimson and black
'I have a good life
Stood where no one should'

And if I could re-live my life
I would, I would

Dragging stones
In the tomb of time
Walking through the bones
Of those who went as far
In the middle of emptiness

Building my very own
Road to nowhere
A monument to my inaudible prayers
And if anyone would care
A monument to my indelible mistakes

When will I learn?
When does tomorrow begin?
Will anyone see past my shell?
Would you like to know what's held within?
Sin, only sin

I have faltered
I am confused
I was martyred
I had accused

The world for being one big
Road to nowhere

Hasan Haskovic

Hasan Haskovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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