Rouge In The Water Poem by Cigeng Zhang

Rouge In The Water

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in the lakewater near a farmyard
smiling faces mirrored in rouge red

happy foreheads
toward the upper reaches

a glimmer of warmth
seeping into my breath

a stranger like me
not feeling so lonely

temporarily forget
i am alien here as a guest …

Rouge In The Water
Monday, June 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: feeling
Terry Craddock 18 February 2017

'temporarily forget i am alien here as a guest … ' in nature we are all guests, we should all be guardians of the land, we are all guests yet nature belongs to all who care and appreciate, the often awesome beauty of nature

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Cigeng Zhang 20 February 2017

Very true, I liked your words, nature belongs to all who care and appreciate.Nature belongs to those who love it. Thanks Terry for your nice comment.

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Daniel Brick 09 July 2016

Flowers stay rooted in their place of being and regale us with their lovely colors. But you are a human being who can travel and spread your unique loveliness of personality and positive feelings wherever you go. The flowers represent nature's contributiion to beautifying the world. You fulfill the human contribution as an informal ambassador of good will. Long live both flowers and foreign travel! !

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Cigeng Zhang 11 July 2016

A camera cannot fully collect the infinite beauty of the nature. Thank you for your lovely comment as usual!

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Kwai Chee Low 03 July 2016

A beautiful write of a place in a distant land, feelings of the simple joys of nature. This poem will evoke wonderful memories of it, even years on.

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Cigeng Zhang 11 July 2016

Thank you for your nice comment and sharing as ever!

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Pamela Sinicrope 27 June 2016

'Smiling faces mirrored in rouge red' sounds wonderful rolling off my tongue as I speak your words. What a lovely scene your portray, starting with observant description, personifying these beautiful flowers. But then you insert the speaker into the scene, conveying the image, but also how the image makes the speaker feel. Nicely expressed in a very succinct and quiet manner. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

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Cigeng Zhang 11 July 2016

Thank you for your beautiful comment and sharing dear Pamela!

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Unnikrishnan E S 20 June 2016

Hi Cigeng, A glimmer of warmth is what the beauty and innocence of nature renders to our breath. Rightly put by you into a marvellous poem. And how have likened the reflection of nature in the water to rouge. Loved reading. Congrats. Keep writing.

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Cigeng Zhang 21 June 2016

Thank you for your nice comment and sharing!

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