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Always work on it, won't stop poeming for I adore a heart of the poetic. My world turns purer and more supernatural because of poetry. Poetry is my soulmate who helps me release my heart of joy and pains. Thanks to POETRY, you know my lonely heart that becomes talkative in this lyrical garden. How wonderful!

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19 April 2016

Poetry makes us beautiful; we make poetry alive.

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Prabir Gayen 18 February 2019

Cigeng a very good and a talented poetess...She is good at heart....a very sensitive poetess..And my very good friend...God bless you..Cigeng..

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Christopher Tye 09 November 2016

Cigeng Zhang's poems are really wonderful and always worth reading. Cigeng Zhang's joy of life and nature shines through her poetry in a manner reminiscent of Tu Mu's works.

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Cigeng Zhang 27 October 2014

Dear Ramesh, your words mean a lot to me. To carry a poetic heart always is the most wonderful thing to me. I love poetry as you do. Thank you. Yes, write on, I will. Blessings to you.

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Ramesh Rai 27 October 2014

She has to shine one day brightening star of her country. Keep writing. All the best.

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The Best Poem Of Cigeng Zhang

Still For You

The flower, scattered
The leaves, old
The riverbed, iced
You not yet appeared

The wind, heavy
The fog, hazy
The coral, reddened
I'm coming in sincerity

Like a sheeny canary
I sing an easy ballad
Sing your name repeatedly
Along the road you passed

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Cigeng Zhang Popularity

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