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The flower, scattered
The leaves, old
The riverbed, iced
You not yet appeared

What is behind the poet?
A lonely heart through a night

What is behind the moon?

New skylight covers your old rooftops
Your hands shield your wrinkled smile
In faith, how I want to see your face
So, don't be shy - don't be so shy!

Once to the sky of my childhood
I blew countless soap bubbles, and
Looked up, murmuring some words

some pieces of fallen leaves of last year
turned very silky like cicada's wings
kept well in a book

I hope my wall
Fully hung with your pictures
Each expression on your face
is my memory clearly on you

The legs, pretty true

The white, lusty

Leaves are silently falling
A sea of butterfly rippling

How I want to lie down

I open my window
You, on my opposite side
Also open your window

Start and end
Which is easier?
Day and night
Which is longer?

I know your heart
Gentle like floret
Want to talk to you
Your lips closed tight

The lotus in the pond
bursts into bloom for me? !
I dare not to disturb
the perfection of her grace


stand at the silver sparrow pavilion
gaze into the distant horizon

someone starts moving toward

Lightly drizzling
through the whole night
A whisper of mumbling
like a poet's heart, fit most

Falling raindrops
Harmonious notes

dou rai mi fa sou …

in the lakewater near a farmyard
smiling faces mirrored in rouge red

happy foreheads


I worry the clouds are parting
My eyes are getting lonesome

I worry the wind is roaring


You are different from the other
Why, you look so deep and heavy
Your artery turns into inky color
Hills around you are all lively

Why is everything so short, so short?
Just like a flowering day quickly past
But I always remember the briefness
that concentrates your life full of vitalities

I see a vast field of brown colored flowers
in a countryside, like small chocolate balls

This's a clear sign of the mid-autumn festival

Cigeng Zhang Biography

Always work on it, won't stop poeming for I adore a heart of the poetic. My world turns purer and more supernatural because of poetry. Poetry is my soulmate who helps me release my heart of joy and pains. Thanks to POETRY, you know my lonely heart that becomes talkative in this lyrical garden. How wonderful!)

The Best Poem Of Cigeng Zhang

Still For You

The flower, scattered
The leaves, old
The riverbed, iced
You not yet appeared

The wind, heavy
The fog, hazy
The coral, reddened
I'm coming in sincerity

Like a sheeny canary
I sing an easy ballad
Sing your name repeatedly
Along the road you passed

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Prabir Gayen 18 February 2019

Cigeng a very good and a talented poetess...She is good at heart....a very sensitive poetess..And my very good friend...God bless you..Cigeng..

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Christopher Tye 09 November 2016

Cigeng Zhang's poems are really wonderful and always worth reading. Cigeng Zhang's joy of life and nature shines through her poetry in a manner reminiscent of Tu Mu's works.

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Cigeng Zhang 27 October 2014

Dear Ramesh, your words mean a lot to me. To carry a poetic heart always is the most wonderful thing to me. I love poetry as you do. Thank you. Yes, write on, I will. Blessings to you.

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Ramesh Rai 27 October 2014

She has to shine one day brightening star of her country. Keep writing. All the best.

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Poetry makes us beautiful; we make poetry alive.

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Cigeng Zhang Popularity

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