Autumn Mood Poem by Cigeng Zhang

Autumn Mood

Rating: 5.0

Leaves are silently falling
A sea of butterfly rippling

How I want to lie down
on the sea of autumn

Recalling the dry land
I've ever walked through, and

those who cannot be forgotten
as well the fine scenery in my mind

Memorizing the persons I loved, and
those to whom I haven't said thanks

Finally let me hold the last marigold
Falling into my nearly faded dream

Thursday, August 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn,longing
Christopher Tye 18 August 2016

Lovely poem, Autumn is a wonderful season full of colour and change.

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Cigeng Zhang 30 August 2016

Thank you Christopher for your nice comment on autumn. It's a season for poetry.

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Anne Yun 17 August 2016

It's so enjoyable reading this piece, its soft tenderness and sadness haunt me hither and thither till my own autumn dream takes me flee.

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Cigeng Zhang 30 August 2016

Thank you Anne for your beautiful sharing and comment.

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Daniel Brick 08 August 2016

Your closing lines are the perfect ending because they capture the last brilliance of things in bloom before they will succumb to autumn and fall. And you see yourself falling in a metaphorical way which links you spiritually with the season of thing falling into dormancy or death and in your human case, falling into a NEARLY FADED DREAM. This poem both relives your past but also projects into the future. This theme fits a season like autumn which is a brief transition time between BIG summer and HUGE winter.

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Cigeng Zhang 09 August 2016

The theme of autumn is endless. The charm of autumn is never faded in a poet's eyes. Your comment is so beautiful with the broad sense. Thank you as usual.

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Unnikrishnan E S 05 August 2016

Hi Cigeng, A poem of magical images; very fascinating. Exquisite work. Congrats.10++

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Cigeng Zhang 06 August 2016

Thank you for your encouraging comment. Sharing is the treasure.

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Kwai Chee Low 05 August 2016

A mesmerizing piece. A sea of emotions from a poetic heart...

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Cigeng Zhang 06 August 2016

Thank you as usual for your nice comment.

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