S.O.S. Poem by Jamal Brown


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I'm dying on the inside.

Lost day to day.

Won't be too much longer,

Before I fly away.

It's so stressfull

It's been killing me

For a while.

When it bothers me I

just play it off with a smile.

Before I die

I want to say goodbye

I want say 'I love you'

To the ones in my life.

I want to kiss my family and my friends

One more time.

One more time, before I die.

(I'm not really dying as far as I know)

I'm me 06 November 2009

lol the last line kinda killed the emotion... we know you're not really dying (or else you won't be posting this on a website) , you don't need to say it. But still a great poem and one that I can relate to. Keep writing! -Cheng

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Shashendra Amalshan 13 August 2009

hey yes... I know this feeling.. and your poem says it all.. Hey you express yourself in a very nice, smooth refreshing manner indeed.. I like your emotions here... love shan

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Tyease Collins 09 July 2009

You definately know how i feel lol. I like how you put that little thing at the very end about you not really dying. It was funny lol Very nice poem though -Liz

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nicely written i feel the same way 110% No Reason To Care

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