Lyudmila Purgina

Freshman - 678 Points (Russian Federation)

V.Mayakovsky, Lilichka! - Translation (Rus.) - Poem by Lyudmila Purgina

The smoke of sigarettes has emptied the air.
The room - takes my head to the circling hell.
Remember - behind this window for the first time, excited
I was stroking fervently your hands.
Today you are sitting - the heart in iron.
One day else - you may drive me out, scolding.
In the vague entrance hall hardly I can put on the coat,
Because of hand, by shiver broken.
I'l rush, taking my body outside.
As a wild one, frenzy, cut by a despair all over.
Let put the end to this, my dear lovely now,
Let bid farewell to each other.
All the way, my love - it is felt like a weight -
Hanging on you, anywhere you are going.
Let's in the last cry to show all the bitterness of complaints.
If the bull is deadly exhausted by labour - he will go away,
Will lie on the cold waters.
Except your love - I have no any sea,
But in you love - hardly could I outcry any kind of rest.
If a tired elephant wants to have a rest-
He will lie, as a tzar, on the burned sand.
Except your love - there is no any sun to me,
But I don't know, where are you and with whom...
If someone had such torture of the other poet,
He would have changed his love to money or to glory,
But no any name is of such a joyful ring to me, except your's.
No, I shan't fall from the stairs, nor I drink a poison,
Neither I'm able to pull a trigger to my temple.
No any blade of knife could be a power over me, your eye except.
Tomorrow you'll forget, how I have crowned you,
How I have burned the blossoming soul,
And the vanity of days will rise up in a carnival,
Will tatter the pages of my books.

Could the drained as the leaves words force you
to stop once, breathing greedily?
Give me a chance to lay, to spread my tenderness
to every your step, on leaving me...

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, June 2, 2012

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